Database Management

Database maintenance services refer to the process of maintaining the health of the database systems, as it is critical to continue to run at best possible performance. These activities must be scheduled to perform on a predefined basis. Further to the achieving optimal performance of the database, maintenance also includes the conservation of critical database documentation.
Our database maintenance services include:

    • Data integrity
    • Elimination of possible corruption of data
    • Data Model maintenance that keeps your database models current
    • Data Dictionary maintenance
    • Proper configuration your background to meet explicit processing requirements
    • Reducing downtime

  • Fast transactions
  • Optimal use of database space
  • Avoidance of known problems
  • Performance tuning for your database



Desktop Application Development Services

Our desktop application development services enable businesses to find better ways of performing their day to day tasks/activities and handling large amounts of data/information most proficiently. Unlike any web based application we can offer a typical desktop application that can run on your local machine and would also have the ability to connect with other users if on the same network. We offer desktop applications which find their use in a variety of areas and domains like for instance:

  • Designing and processing of databases
  • Business automation tools and other related services
  • Plugins to attach with any other existing application running on your system
  • To be used as a utility tool

We can offer cutting edge state of the art application development techniques to enable your business transpire into a most profitable proposition. Through our development services we would assist you to rapidly transform your business ideas into realistic products and solutions.
We can help you devise innovative ways of either upgrading your current application or to create one from scratch. We use the latest development tools to deliver customized applications that can run seamlessly on your desktop and deliver optimum results thus taking your business to the next level. Our services are quality driven and very competitively priced so that you prosper with a better ROI.




Web Service

We offer a full range of web design services to exceed the demands of any size project. Your website is the most important part of your business, if you don’t have one, or if your current website looks very unprofessional, is not mobile ready or looks just like your competitor’s website, then it will hurt your business. That’s why it’s very important to let someone that knows how to build a website correctly, build the most important part of your online marketing campaign, which is your website. We not only build you website, but we also teach you how to use it and we can help with hosting, marketing, mobile apps and web development for upgrades.




We offer a full range of WordPress services including WordPress as a CMS, WordPress consulting, custom WordPress website design, custom content classification and management systems, online stores and shopping carts, custom WordPress powered apps and blogs, search engine optimization, internet marketing / website promotion, as well as hourly and project based — all things powered by WordPress.